Mirror mirror on the... WOW!

The Interactive Experience

MAX! is the name of this bad boy! This futuristic mirror makes everyone infront of the mirror look stunning! The Wowmirror is fitted with a special slimming algorithm designed to make you look good! on top of that it has a fun motion gesture control which makes it more fun to take pictures, play games and virtual fit anything! It's the newest technology to hit the scene and boy it is hot! So fresh from the oven that people use it for almost any event! Find out more below!

  • Motion Gesture Controls
  • Customisable Gamification
  • Data Harvesting System
  • 20 Megapixel Camera
  • Ultra Fast Printing (8 secs)
  • Customisation Options
  • Photobooth Functionality
  • Virtual Fitting Module
  • Slimming Algorithm
  • Thermal Coupon/ Voucher
  • Social Media Integration
  • Full-body Photo Capabilities
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Augmented Reality!

Fully Immersive & brand-centric

The Wowmirror is stunningly packed with wholesome features that is fully customisable to your brand requirements. Photos, games, contests', virtual-fitting, brand engagement are just some of the possibilities with this product - creating custom experiences for your event.

The future is here with one of the main attractions - a full body image capture! Popular among many corporate and fashion events due to its appealing nature and absolutely adored by kids! Fashion - Fun - Branding! Customising galore at your fingertips!


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